Backus, et al. v. Unlimited Staffing Solutions, Inc., et al., Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas, Montgomery County, No. 00339, January Term 2008.

Brodie and Rubinsky, P.C. is lead counsel in a class action on behalf of over 1300 home health and attendant care workers for unpaid overtime and unpaid wages for travel between clients during the work day.

The Court granted preliminary approval on September 8, 2011, to the settlement reached by the parties. A final approval hearing was held on November 15, 2011, and the settlement was approved on November 18, 2011.

Notices and claim forms were mailed to former employee Class Members on November 23, 2011, and distributed to current employee class members at the same time. For a copy of the Notice, click here.

If you think you are a member of the Class and have moved since you worked for Unlimited Staffing Solutions, please update your address by sending us an email to or by calling our hotline at (215) 925-2705.




Final Notice