Backus, et al.  v.  Unlimited Staffing Solutions, Inc., et al.

Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas - Montgomery County

January Term 2008,  No. 00339

Brodie & Rubinsky, P.C. is lead counsel in a class action on behalf of over 1300 home-health and

attendant-care workers for unpaid overtime and unpaid wages for travel between clients during the work day.

The Court-approved settlement that was reached included payments to the class over a period of six years. 

Distributions are being made annually to Class Members who submitted a valid claim prior to the claim deadline.

The final payment from Unlimited Staffing into the fund is scheduled for September, 2017.  For this reason the payments to class members for 2017 are expected to be mailed during the last week in September.  The payments will not be mailed in June as they have been in prior years.  THE PAYMENT FOR 2017 WILL BE THE FINAL PAYMENT OF THE SETTLEMENT DISTRIBUTION.

If you are a class member who filed a claim form and have changed your address, please contact our office so that we may mail your check to the correct address.

Please keep us updated if your contact information changes.