Examples of Past Wage and Hour Cases

Neymer, et al. v. Philadelphia Coach, Inc. et al., Case No. 03799

Served as lead counsel in a class and collective action on behalf of paratransit drivers to recover wages for unpaid overtime, down time, and time spent traveling prior to the first pickup of the day and after the last pickup of the day. A settlement was reached prior to class certification.

Anna Thomas, et al., v. Total Health Home Care Corporation, et al.; Case No. 002493

Co-lead class counsel & monitoring counsel in an action on behalf of home health aides who weren't paid travel time between clients during the work day. The case was settled for over $2 million, and in addition to monetary settlement included agreement by the employer to compensate workers for travel time.

Rios, et al., v. Berkshire Building Systems, Inc., et al., Case No. 07-cv-0503

Lead counsel in an action on behalf of concrete workers, in which settlement was reached on shortly before trial.

William Marchiony and James Bozek v. Lexigraph, Inc. et al,, Case No. 06-cv-1168

Counsel for employees for recovery of unpaid wages under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Pennsylvania Wage Payment Collection Law, and contract claims.

American Appliance and Rowland Bankruptcy Cases (N.J. Bankruptcy Case No. 01-14425 JHW)

Counsel in action of behalf of appliance store workers to recover unpaid wages and benefits in bankruptcy.

Glenn Johnson, et al., v. King Paratransit Services, Inc., Case No. 00-cv-5537

Counsel for paratransit drivers who were not paid for all hours worked.

Peggy Crocker, et al, v Edens Corporation, Case No. 00-cv-1732

Lead counsel in action on behalf of paratransit drivers who were not paid for all hours worked, including early report time and waiting time.

Bynoe v. Atlantic Express Transportation Corp., et al., Case No. 99-cv-4920
Rayvon Sapp, et al., v. Carol Ann Weisenfeld, et al., Case No. 980502428
Madison v. Resources for Human Development, Case No. 97-cv-7402
King, et al., v. SEPTA, Case No. 95-cv-0682
Lemons, et al., v. Triage, et al., Case No. 93-CV-3013
Kane, et al., v. United Independent Union Health & Welfare Fund, et al., Case No. 97-cv-1505
Honeywell, Inc., and Local 116, 318 NLRB No. 78 (8/25/95)
Trojan Yacht, 319 NLRB No. 97 (11/24/95)
Ben Seigler, et al., v. Falcon Associates, et al., Case No. 95-cv-2414 (U.S. District Court, E.D. Pa.)
McManus v. Commonwealth of PA Dept. of Labor & Industry, Case No. 94-cv-3038
Stadler, et al., v. McCulloch, et al., Case No. 93-cv-3093 (U.S. District Court, E.D. Pa.)
Blue Bird Workers, et al., v. Northern Foods, et al., Civil Action Nos. 82-1306, 82-2450, and 83-1546
Beth Jacob Teachers Assn. v. Beth Jacob School

All of these cases were litigated and settled under the Fair Labor Standards Act, Pennsylvania Wage Payment Collection Law, and/or Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act.